Executive Viewpoint: Bootstrapping A Startup

This story begins as many new developments have in the EDA industry. A designer, or verification person in this case, by the name of Yuan Lu, was working in a semiconductor company. He manually developed a lot of assertions for use in formal verification. He found they also were useful in a simulation environment, but he had great trouble convincing his fellow workers to develop similar ass... » read more

Atrenta Buys NextOp

By Ed Sperling Atrenta said today it will acquire NextOp Software, a formal tools startup that was created in 2006 and which came out of stealth mode in 2010. The move is interesting as much from a business perspective—it pits Atrenta against Jasper Design Automation, at least in the narrow assertion synthesis and assertion generation markets—as what it says about the increasing interes... » read more