Joe Costello To Get Back Into EDA?

While other writers in this world rely on gossip, there is a lot more that can come from hard work and paying attention. Perhaps one of the most famous and charismatic people from the EDA world is [getperson id="11147" p_name="Joe Costello"] – former CEO of [getentity id="22032" e_name="Cadence"] and still missed by many. Until recently he was CEO of a company called Orb Networks, a streamin... » read more

Still Room For Startups?

Can startups still survive in an increasingly complex, high up-front investment world? System-Level Design posed that question to Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Oasys and an end user. [youtube vid=3RGvRnDGiTE] » read more

Remaking The Design Landscape

By Ed Sperling Every now and then a new trend comes along in the semiconductor design world, often because an old tool doesn’t work well anymore or because a new one is achieving critical mass. Lithography moved to immersion when the wavelength couldn’t be refracted far enough anymore. Designers at the advanced end of Moore’s Law began using tools like high-level synthesis and Transa... » read more

Synthesis: Next Steps In SoC Design

Five experts sound off to System-Level Design on the state of synthesis and what's needed in the future: Shawn McCloud, product line director for Catapult C Synthesis at Mentor Graphics; Chris Eddington, director of marketing for system-lvel products at Synopsys; Brett Cline, VP of marketing at Forte Design Systems; Andy Biddle, director of business development at Magma and Sanjiv Kaul, executi... » read more