Blog Review: May 25

Coventor's Michael Hargrove points to the need for a new generation of deep-submicron CMOS circuits that can operate at deep-cryogenic temperatures to achieve a quantum integrated circuit where the array of qubits is integrated on the same chip as the CMOS electronics required to read the state of the qubits. Ansys' Marc Swinnen warns about dynamic voltage drop as ultra-low supply voltages, ... » read more

Wafer Shortage Improvement In Sight For 300mm, But Not 200mm

The supply chain for bare wafers is off-kilter. Demand is appreciably higher than the wafer suppliers can keep up with, creating shortages that could last for years. For 300mm starting wafers, the top five big players — SEH and Sumco of Japan, Siltronic of Germany, GlobalWafers of Taiwan, and SK Siltron of Korea — finally took action over the last year, spending billions on new wafer fac... » read more