Huawei: 5G Is About Capacity, Not Speed

Paul Scanlan, CTO of the Huawei Carrier Business Group in Huawei Technologies, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about 5G, which use cases are attractive and why, and how that compares with previous wireless technologies. SE: Where are you seeing 5G, and how do you see this rolling out both for sub-6GHz and millimeter wave? Scanlan: 5G is a platform for transformation. The f... » read more

Monetizing The IoT

I hear it all the time: "Yeah, the IoT is awesome, but how do we make money on it?” Good question. And the answers are about a diverse as the definitions for the IoT itself. There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for what the IoT will be and can bring across a wide diversity of industry segments. But the nagging question remains, "What can we do to make sure we make good business deci... » read more