PCIe 7.0: Speed, Flexibility & Efficiency For The AI Era

As the industry came together for PCI-SIG DevCon last month, one thing took center stage, and that was PCI Express 7.0. While still in the final stages of development, the world is certainly ready for this significant new milestone of the PCIe specification. Let’s look at how PCIe 7.0 is poised to address the escalating demands of AI, high-performance computing, and emerging data-intensive ap... » read more

Why PCIe 7.0 Over Optics

By Keivan Javadi Khasraghi and Ruben Sousa Data centers are currently facing the increasing need to enhance their bandwidth capacities. This surge is largely driven by the rise of new technologies, especially the growing demand for AI and machine learning applications. As these technologies advance, bandwidth requirements are projected to expand dramatically. As Large Language Models (LLMs) ... » read more

PCIe 7.0 Takes Center Stage At PCI-SIG DevCon ’24

From the simplest building blocks like GPIOs to the most advanced high-speed interfaces, IP subsystems are the lifeblood of the chipmaking ecosystem. A key enabler for IP has been the collaboration between industry and academia in the creation of standards and protocols for interfaces. PCI-SIG drives some of the key definitions and compliance specifications and ensures the interoperability of i... » read more