Picking The Right Location For Probe Stations

High performance flicker noise or phase noise TestCells can be degraded by installing them in a bad location. And just like developing a high-performance system, finding a good location can be a time consuming and difficult task for the typical lab technician that is tasked with setting up the new prober. To do it right requires specialized measurement equipment and tools such as accelerometers... » read more

Modified X-Band Push-Push Oscillator Simulation And Measurement

This eBook that explores the push-push oscillator configuration via harmonic balance (HB) computer simulation and test measurement. The unique operation of the push-push oscillator configuration is explored using HB simulation of spectral content and time-domain voltage waveforms. Dynamic load lines are investigated and utilized to explore peak signal excursion and degree of nonlinearity. Predi... » read more

Noise Abatement

[getkc id="285" kc_name="Noise"] is a fact of life. Almost everything we do creates noise as a by-product and quite often what is a signal to one party is noise to another. Noise cannot be eliminated. It must be managed. But is noise becoming a larger issue in chips as the technology nodes get smaller and packaging becomes more complex? For some, the answer is a very strong yes, while for ot... » read more