Energy Harvesting Makes Progress

The dream of a self-powered device has been around for a long time—thousands of years, in fact. The first windmills and waterwheels date back to ancient Greece and the beginning of recorded history. Self-winding timepieces date back to the late 1700s. The Foucault pendulum has been in motion in Paris, minus some brief hiatuses, since 1851. And it's been 144 years since two French physicists d... » read more

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 21

Sound power While medical researchers would like to plant tiny electronic devices deep inside our bodies to monitor biological processes and deliver pinpoint therapies or relieve pain, so far engineers have been unable to make such devices small and useful enough. Providing power to the implants has been one stumbling block, and the use of wires or batteries to deliver power make implants ... » read more

Micro-Power Energy Harvesting

Since the beginning of the human race’s self-awareness, people have strived to harness the planet’s free energy sources; wind, solar, thermal and hydro. On a macro scale, man’s dreams have come to fruition. The next frontier is capturing energy on a micro scale. On the macro front, there are massive corridors of energy powered by wind and solar developments, which generate megawatts of... » read more