ML Focus Shifting Toward Software

New machine-learning (ML) architectures continue to garner a huge amount of attention as the race continues to provide the most effective acceleration architectures for the cloud and the edge, but attention is starting to shift from the hardware to the software tools. The big question now is whether a software abstraction eventually will win out over hardware details in determining who the f... » read more

Network Interface Card Evolution

Longer chip lifetimes, more data to process and move, and a slowdown in the rate of processor improvements has created a series of constantly shifting bottlenecks. Kartik Srinivasan, director of data center marketing at Xilinx, looks at one of those bottlenecks, the network interface card, why continuous enhancements and changes will be required, and how to extend the life of NICs as the networ... » read more

Tech Talk: DO-254

Aldec's Louie De Luna explains the safety critical standard for the aerospace industry and how that parallels what's happening in automotive electronics. » read more

End User Report: Reliability

John Kern, vice president of product operations inside Cisco Systems’ customer value chain management group, sat down with Low-Power Engineering to talk about the company’s internal focus on reliability and what factors are causing the most concern. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. By Ed Sperling LPE: How does Cisco gauge reliability? John Kern: The bulk of our re... » read more