Research Bits: Feb. 21

High-quality ‘chirps’ for automotive, industrial mmWave radar Imec demonstrated a low-power phase-locked loop (PLL) that generates high-quality frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) signals for mmWave radar, which can be used in short-range automotive and industrial radar applications. The FMCW radars popular in healthcare, automotive, and industrial send out sinusoidal waves that get... » read more

Low Earth Orbit Satellites For More Reliable Internet

Working from home may have reduced the stress of commuting, but it put a heavy strain on the power grid and ate into energy reserves. Still, with utilities such as electricity and water, it's possible to buy or borrow from adjacent grids or territories. The same cannot be said for internet service providers. They cannot just borrow from another service provider. Instead, their customers woul... » read more

Analog Migration Equals Redesign

Analog design has never been easy. Engineers can spend their entire careers focused just on phase-locked loops (PLLs), because to get them right the functionality of circuits need to be understood in depth, including how they respond across different process corners and different manufacturing processes. In the finFET era, those challenges have only intensified for analog circuits. Reuse, fo... » read more