Next-Level Power Density In Solar And Energy Storage With Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

Latest generation silicon carbide semiconductors enable a significant increase in power conversion efficiency in solar power generation systems and associated energy storage. This white paper describes the applications and outlines how lower loss not only saves energy, but also results in smaller and lighter equipment with lower capital, installation and maintenance costs. Click here to read... » read more

An Inside Look At Testing’s Leading Edge

Mike Slessor, president and CEO of FormFactor, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss testing of AI and 5G chips, and why getting power into a chip for testing is becoming more difficult at each new node. SE: How does test change with AI chips, where you've got massive numbers of accelerators and processors developed at 7 and 5nm? Slessor: A lot of the AI stuff that we've been... » read more

Micro-Architectural Exploration For Low Power Design

By Abishek Ranjan, Saurabh Shrimal and Sanjiv Narayan The adoption of finFET technology has created a tectonic shift in the chip design landscape. In addition to better performance (within the same power envelope) and higher reliability, finFETs have significantly reduced the leakage power at smaller technology nodes. At the same time, the share of dynamic power dissipation continues to rise... » read more

Reliability Challenges In 16nm FinFET Design

As the IC industry rapidly adopts the 16nm technology node, IC designers are faced with a new wave of reliability challenges. The 16nm node has introduced several changes in the way that the devices are fabricated and how the metal stack-up is built. On one hand designers gain speed, leakage and density improvements. On the other, reliability engineers need to address the narrowing electromigra... » read more

Tech Talk: FinFETs, FD-SOI And The Future Of SoC Design

Mary Ann White, marketing manager for Synopsys' Galaxy Implementation Platform, talks with Low-Power/High-Performance Engineering about new opportunities to reduce power and improve performance, and where the pain points will be. [youtube vid=kuJdcHIRxfU] » read more