FPGA-based Infrastructure, With RISC-V Prototype, to Enable Implementation & Evaluation of Cross-Layer Techniques in Real HW (Best Paper Award)

A technical paper titled "MetaSys: A Practical Open-Source Metadata Management System to Implement and Evaluate Cross-Layer Optimizations" was published by researchers at University of Toronto, ETH Zurich, and Carnegie Mellon University. This paper won the Best Paper Award at the HiPEAC 2023 conference. Abstract: "This paper introduces the first open-source FPGA-based infrastructure, MetaSy... » read more

Vector Runahead

Abstract: "The memory wall places a significant limit on performance for many modern workloads. These applications feature complex chains of dependent, indirect memory accesses, which cannot be picked up by even the most advanced microarchitectural prefetchers. The result is that current out-of-order superscalar processors spend the majority of their time stalled. While it is possible to bui... » read more