Processor Tradeoffs For AI Workloads

AI is forcing fundamental shifts in chips used in data centers and in the tools used to design them, but it also is creating gaps between the speed at which that technology advances and the demands from customers. These shifts started gradually, but they have accelerated and multiplied over the past year with the rollout of ChatGPT and other large language models. There is suddenly much more... » read more

The Uncertainties Of RISC-V Compliance

How far can a RISC-V design be pushed and still be compliant? The answer isn't always black-and-white because the RISC-V concept is very different from previous open-source projects. But as interest and activity in RISC-V continues to grow, constructive discussions are taking place to address some of the challenges of designing with an open-standard ISA. “The RISC-V standard is somethin... » read more

Semiconductor Scaling Is Failing — What Next For Processors?

This in-depth paper looks at the changing dynamics in the semiconductor industry. In other words, why many companies are looking to customize their processor designs to keep pace with software and system demands. It goes onto highlight the opportunities available to companies of all sizes, in seeking to differentiate and specialize their processor designs. Click here to read more. » read more