A Tale Of Two Challenges: From Space Exploration To Unlocking Your Vision

I love a good puzzle, and I’m guessing most engineers do as well. After all, engineers spend their days solving complex problems to deliver the most advanced products to the world or to perform mission-critical tasks. We kicked off this season of merriment with the latter in mind at this year’s Nokia FPGA Conference and “Mission to Mars” Hackathon in late November. Now, just in time for... » read more

The Fibonacci Calculator

The holiday season is all about traditions, and the annual holiday puzzle has become a tradition here at OneSpin. Two years ago, we challenged engineers everywhere to solve the famous Einstein’s Riddle using a formal tool. We received some interesting solutions. Last year, we drew an even bigger response to our invitation to tackle the “World’s Hardest Sudoku.” These puzzles are fun, of... » read more