Using ML In EDA

Machine learning is becoming essential for designing chips due to the growing volume of data stemming from increasing density and complexity. Nick Ni, director of product marketing for AI at Xilinx, examines why machine learning is gaining traction at advanced nodes, where it’s being used today and how it will be used in the future, how quality of results compare with and without ML, and what... » read more

Synthesizing Hardware From Software

The ability to automatically generate optimized hardware from software was one of the primary tenets of system-level design automation that was never fully achieved. The question now is whether that will ever happen, and whether it is just a matter of having the right technology or motivation to make it possible. While high-level synthesis (HLS) did come out of this work and has proven to be... » read more

What’s The Real Benefit Of High-Level Synthesis?

Once upon a time, “behavioral synthesis,” the precursor to high-level synthesis, hung its hat on design productivity as its sole value. By that, I mean, if a behavioral synthesis tool provides a high enough productivity benefit, designers or design managers will boil the ocean to move to it. There was little methodology around it. In fact, even the design entry language was unfamiliar. Yes,... » read more