Optimizing Quantum Sensors

A new technical paper titled "Dissipative Superradiant Spin Amplifier for Enhanced Quantum Sensing" was published by researchers at the University of Chicago and Simon Fraser University, British Columbia. According to the University of Chicago news release, the researchers examined how qubits interact with each other and discovered a better way of extracting information out of the qubits by ... » read more

NIST Modifies & Improves Technique For Detecting Transistor Defects

Abstract "We utilize a frequency-modulated charge pumping methodology to measure quickly and conveniently single “charge per cycle” in highly scaled Si/SiO2 metal–oxide–semiconductor field effect transistors. This is indicative of detection and manipulation of a single interface trap spin species located at the boundary between the SiO2 gate dielectric and Si substrate (almost certainl... » read more