A Novel Way To Stretch Diamond For Better Quantum Bits

A technical paper titled “Microwave-Based Quantum Control and Coherence Protection of Tin-Vacancy Spin Qubits in a Strain-Tuned Diamond-Membrane Heterostructure” was published by researchers at University of Chicago, University of Cambridge, Argonne National Laboratory, and Delft University of Technology. Abstract: "Robust spin-photon interfaces in solids are essential components in quant... » read more

Quantum Games Across Quantum Physics, Technologies, and Scientific Purposes 

A technical paper titled “The History of Quantum Games” was published by researchers at IBM Research and Aalto University. Abstract: "In this paper, we explore the historical development of playable quantum physics related games (quantum games). For the purpose of this examination, we have collected over 260 quantum games ranging from commercial games, applied and serious games, and games... » read more