Four Steps To Resolving Reset Domain Crossing Data-Corruption In Automotive SoCs

By Kurt Takara (Siemens EDA), Ankush Sethi (NXP), and Aniruddha Gupta (NXP) Modern automotive SoCs typically contain multiple asynchronous reset signals to ensure systematic functional recovery from unexpected situations and faults. This complex reset architecture leads to a new set of problems such as possible reset domain crossing (RDC) issues. Conventional clock domain crossing (CDC) veri... » read more

Three Steps To Complete Reset Behavior Verification

By Chris Kwok, Priya Viswanathan, and Ping Yeung Reset architectures are notoriously complex and difficult to verify. Today’s SoCs contain highly complex reset distributions and synchronization circuitry. Often, reset trees can be larger than clock trees and have many of the same potential issues. Verifying that a design can be correctly reset under all modes of operation presents signi... » read more