RT-600 Root Of Trust Series: A New Generation of Security Anchored In Hardware

This latest generation of the Rambus RT-600 Root of Trust IP offers many new features designed to support the security needs of customers today and into the future. These features include Quantum Safe Cryptography, Caliptra Root of Trust for Measurement (RoTM) emulation, an embedded physical unclonable function (PUF), as well as many architectural improvements, such as larger memory space and 6... » read more

Going Beyond The Requirements Of A Root Of Trust For Measurement With The Silicon-Proven RT-660 Root of Trust

The continuously evolving technology landscape and security requirements for systems present many challenges for device and silicon manufacturers. Nowhere is this truer than in data centers. Rambus has long recognized the need for security designs in data centers, and the Caliptra initiative discussed in this whitepaper is a welcome step towards a widespread adoption of Root of Trust designs i... » read more