Hardware-Supported Patching of Security Bugs in Hardware IP Blocks

New research paper from Duke University, University of Calgary, NYU & Intel. Abstract: "To satisfy various design requirements and application needs, designers integrate multiple Intellectual Property blocks (IPs) to produce a system-on-chip (SoC). For improved survivability, designers should be able to patch the SoC to mitigate potential security issues arising from hardware IPs; for incre... » read more

Trust Is Not A Good Feeling

As a society, we trust in a lot of things in order for our daily lives to proceed. Trust is embedded in our lives. We trust in everything from the products we use to our relationships we have to our government. But when our trust is broken or shaken in something or someone, it is hard very hard for to for us to have confidence in that something or someone again. If we apply the concept to of... » read more