Performance Of Analog In-Memory Computing On Imaging Problems

A technical paper titled "Accelerating AI Using Next-Generation Hardware: Possibilities and Challenges With Analog In-Memory Computing" was published by researchers at Lund University and Ericsson Research. Abstract "Future generations of computing systems need to continue increasing processing speed and energy efficiency in order to meet the growing workload requirements under stringent en... » read more

DeepGBASS: Deep Guided Boundary-Aware Semantic Segmentation

Image semantic segmentation is ubiquitously used in scene understanding applications, such as AI Camera, which require high accuracy and efficiency. Deep learning has significantly advanced the state-of-the-art in semantic segmentation. However, many of recent semantic segmentation works only consider class accuracy and ignore the accuracies at the boundaries between semantic classes. To improv... » read more

Active Learning to Reduce Data Requirements For Defect Identification in Semiconductor Manufacturing

A new technical paper titled "Exploring Active Learning for Semiconductor Defect Segmentation" was published by researchers at Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. "We identify two unique challenges when applying AL on semiconductor XRM scans: large domain shift and severe class-imbalance. To address these challenges, we propose to perform contrastive pretrainin... » read more