Where Power Is Spent In HBM

HBM is gaining ground because of a spike in the amount of data that needs to be processed quickly, but big reductions in power are possible if that processing can be moved closer to the HBM modules, and if more can be done in each compute cycle without sending data back and forth to memory as frequently. Steven Woo, fellow and distinguished engineer at Rambus, talks about what can be done to bo... » read more

The Ethernet Evolution

Ethernet was expected to be long gone by now, but predictions of its demise were decades premature. John Swanson, senior product marketing manager for high-performance computing digital IP at Synopsys, talks about how Ethernet has evolved over the past 45 or so years from a somewhat “boring” technology to one that is at the forefront of data center performance improvements, with more update... » read more

Putting Limits On What AI Systems Can Do

New techniques and approaches are starting to be applied to AI and machine learning to ensure they function within acceptable parameters, only doing what they're supposed to do. Getting AI/ML/DL systems to work has been one of the biggest leaps in technology in recent years, but understanding how to control and optimize them as they adapt isn't nearly as far along. These systems are generall... » read more