Easy-To-Use Mechanical Frequency Comb Platform (TU Delft)

A new technical paper titled "Mechanical overtone frequency combs" was published by researchers at Delft University of Technology, Ahmedabad University and NIST. Abstract "Mechanical frequency combs are poised to bring the applications and utility of optical frequency combs into the mechanical domain. So far, their main challenge has been strict requirements on drive frequencies and power,... » read more

Flip-Chip Integration of a GaSb Semiconductor Optical Amplifier with a Silicon Photonic Circuit

New research paper titled "Hybrid silicon photonics DBR laser based on flip-chip integration of GaSb amplifiers and µm-scale SOI waveguides" by researchers at Tampere University (Finland). Abstract: "The development of integrated photonics experiences an unprecedented growth dynamic, owing to accelerated penetration to new applications. This leads to new requirements in terms of functional... » read more