L-FinFET Neuron For A Highly Scalable Capacitive Neural Network (KAIST)

A new technical paper titled "An Artificial Neuron with a Leaky Fin-Shaped Field-Effect Transistor for a Highly Scalable Capacitive Neural Network" was published by researchers at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). “In commercialized flash memory, tunnelling oxide prevents the trapped charges from escaping for better memory ability. In our proposed FinFET neuron, t... » read more

Selective etching of silicon nitride over silicon oxide using ClF3 /H2 remote plasma

Researchers from Sungkyunkwan University, MIT and others present an option for selective etching. Abstract "Precise and selective removal of silicon nitride (SiNx) over silicon oxide (SiOy) in a oxide/nitride stack is crucial for a current three dimensional NOT-AND type flash memory fabrication process. In this study, fast and selective isotropic etching of SiNx over SiOy has been investiga... » read more