Tech Talk: Improving Verification

Frank Schirrmeister, senior group director for product management and marketing at Cadence, discusses how to verify different use cases, focusing on software, low-power designs, connectivity, and a variety of end markets. » read more

Reflections On 2015

It is easy to make predictions, but few people can make them with any degree of accuracy. Most of the time, those predictions are forgotten by the end of the year and there is no one to do a tally of who holds more credibility for next year. Not so with SemiEngineering. We like to hold people's feet to the fire, but while the Pants-On-Fire meter may be applicable to politicians, we like to thin... » read more

Software Design Moves Virtual Prototyping Into The Mainstream

With the high level of integration of CPUs, GPUs, and DSPs in today’s System-on-Chip (SoC) and ASIC devices, software is becoming a primary driver of system innovation. This, along with the increasing pressure to reduce system development time, makes it critical to get a working hardware prototype into the hands of the various software teams as quickly as possible. Traditional prototyping met... » read more

Network Software Bring Up

By Tom De Schutter With their latest Cortex-A processors, and especially the ARMv8 Cortex-A57 processor, ARM has provided the right scalability and performance required for network applications. Porting and developing software for these multicore/multi-cluster designs, however, is not a trivial task and cannot be done as an afterthought. That is the topic that Robert Kaye from ARM and I addres... » read more