Next-Level Power Density In Solar And Energy Storage With Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

Latest generation silicon carbide semiconductors enable a significant increase in power conversion efficiency in solar power generation systems and associated energy storage. This white paper describes the applications and outlines how lower loss not only saves energy, but also results in smaller and lighter equipment with lower capital, installation and maintenance costs. Click here to read... » read more

Benefits Of Multilevel Topologies In Power-Efficient Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

In this paper, we discuss the adaption of efficient energy storage systems (ESS) in residential solar and utility-scale applications. System requirements and possible topologies are looked into. For utility-scale, we introduce a multilevel converter topology concept. Click here to read more.   » read more

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 11

Storing solar energy Engineers at Stanford have designed a catalyst that could help produce vast quantities of pure hydrogen through electrolysis – the process of passing electricity through water to break hydrogen loose from oxygen in H2O. Pure hydrogen (H2) is a major commodity chemical that is generally derived from natural gas. Tens of millions of tons of hydrogen are produced each ye... » read more

Power/Performance Bits: Jan. 21

Spinning towards superconduction With spintronics widely believed to be the basis of a future revolution in computing, researchers at the University of Cambridge are reporting what they said is the first evidence that superconductors could be used as an energy-efficient source for so-called “spin-based” devices, which are already starting to appear in electronic devices. Spintronic devi... » read more