Improving Performance Of Artificial Intelligence And Quantum Computers

A technical paper titled “Gate-tunable superconducting diode effect in a three-terminal Josephson device” was published by researchers at University of Minnesota, University of California Santa Barbara, and Stanford University. Abstract: "The phenomenon of non-reciprocal critical current in a Josephson device, termed the Josephson diode effect, has garnered much recent interest. Realizati... » read more

Quantitative Study Of Quantum Phase Transitions Key To High-Temp Superconductivity (Lawrence Berkeley Nat’l Lab )

New technical paper "Evidence for a delocalization quantum phase transition without symmetry breaking in CeCoIn5"  led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in collaboration with UC Berkeley. “The hope is that our work may lead to a better understanding of superconductivity, which could find applications in next-gen energy storage, supercomputing, and magnetic levitation trains,” said f... » read more

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 27

Room-temp superconductivity Researchers at the University of Rochester, University of Nevada Las Vegas, and Intel created a material with superconducting properties at room temperature, the first time this has been observed. The researchers combined hydrogen with carbon and sulfur to photochemically synthesize simple organic-derived carbonaceous sulfur hydride in a diamond anvil cell, which... » read more