Week In Review: Auto, Security, Pervasive Computing

Automotive Renesas and AVL Software and Functions are collaborating to support developers of automotive ISO 26262-compliant electronic control units (ECUs). Renesas sells automotive R-Car SoCs, RH850 automotive control MCUs, PMICs, and software for levels ASIL B to ASIL D of ISO26262, but even with automotive ISO26262 parts, ECU system development process is never plug and play. Functional saf... » read more

Simulation Workflow For Efficiency Calculation Of A High-Performance Electric Powertrain

In battery electric vehicles the efficiency of the powertrain has a big impact on driving range and performance. As the overall efficiency of the electric powertrain is typically more than 90%, further optimization is challenging. Especially in high-performance electric vehicles, the efficiency over one or multiple laps on a racing track is crucial. It requires accurate estimation of power loss... » read more