Adaptive NN-Based Root Cause Analysis in Volume Diagnosis for Yield Improvement

Abstract "Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a critical technology for yield improvement in integrated circuit manufacture. Traditional RCA prefers unsupervised algorithms such as Expectation Maximization based on Bayesian models. However, these methods are severely limited by the weak predictive capability of statistical models and can’t effectively transfer the yield learning experience from old... » read more

Improving Volume Diagnosis and Debug with Test Failure Clustering and Reorganization

Abstract: "Volume diagnosis and debug play a key role in identifying systematic test failures caused by manufacturing defectivity, design marginalities, and test overkill. However, diagnosis tools often suffer from poor diagnosis resolution. In this paper, we propose techniques to improve diagnosis resolution by test failure clustering and reorganization. The effectiveness of our techniques ... » read more

Merging Verification And Test

While the disciplines of functional verification and test serve different purposes, their histories were once closely intertwined. Recent safety and security monitoring requirements coupled with capabilities being embedded into devices is bringing them closer together again, but can they successfully cooperate to bring about improvements in both? Getting there may be difficult. Three phases ... » read more