Automated Constraint Management For Faster Designer Productivity

Constraints management helps shorten the designer’s manual constraints transformation effort across the design cycle with automated constraints management flows. The management of constraints refers to tasks that are not associated with verifying the correctness of constraints, nor associated with the generation of constraints, but with the transformation of constraints from one form to anoth... » read more

Synopsys Timing Constraints Manager: Constraint Verification

Constraint verification refers to the verification of the contents of an SDC file to flag situations where the specified constraints are either incorrect, or incomplete, both of which, if not addressed, could result in silicon failure. The key to constraint verification is the ability to flag real issues without swamping an engineer with noise: issues that upon designer review result in no chan... » read more

Speeding Up Timing Constraint Creation, Refinement And Validation

We are dealing with designs integrating many features and working with cutting-edge process technologies. Design methodologies and the design and process complexities can be overwhelming. To leverage the advancements in EDA tools and to achieve optimal power, performance and area results while overcoming design complexities, it is important to have a qualitative timing constraint file that c... » read more