FD-SOI bests FinFETs for mobile multimedia SOCs? ST says yes.

In a recent and excellent article in ASN by Thomas Skotnicki, Director of the Advanced Devices Program at STMicro, he explains in a very clear and accessible way why FD-SOI with ultra-thin Body & Box (UTBB) is a better solution for mobile, multimedia SOCs than FinFETs -- starting at the 28nm node and running clearly through 8nm.  It is based on the paper he presented at the 2011 IEEE SOI C... » read more

Interconnect Power II

Barry Pangrle After submitting last month’s blog, I read a very interesting article by Deepak Sekar analyzing Intel’s 22 nm FinFET technology versus a hypothetical planar 22nm CMOS technology. Beyond the advantages of being able to use a 140 mV reduction in the supply voltage for the trigate technology, Deepak did a breakdown analysis for the predicted power across a representative micropr... » read more