Blog Review: April 2

Mentor’s Nazita Saye compares roadway roundabouts to networked systems. One roundabout works fine, but add in a bunch of them and you have a massive traffic jam. How many roundabouts are in your design? Cadence’s Richard Goering interviews Stan Kroliskoski, chair of the IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee, about four working groups on EDA standards and what’s ahead. Speaking ... » read more

The Case For Extensible Processors

By Neil Hand In a previous post I talked about how intelligent subsystems are going to impact overall system design. Because many more design teams are going to be required to implement complex processing power into there subsystems, I thought it time to expand on that topic and talk a little about options available to add that intelligence. One size does not fit all The traditional approa... » read more

The (R)evolution Of Intelligent IP Subsystems

IP subsystems have gone from talking point to reality in a very short period of time, but most coverage focuses on a hardware integrators view. The system integrator’s view is very different because the task of software integration is now vastly more complex dealing with software from multiple providers, using different assumptions and with different requirements. This effort, already larger ... » read more