End to End System Design for DRAM-based TRNG

Research paper titled "DR-STRaNGe: End-to-End System Design for DRAM-based True Random Number Generators" is presented from researchers at TOBB University of Economics and Technology and ETH Zurich. Abstract "Random number generation is an important task in a wide variety of critical applications including cryptographic algorithms, scientific simulations, and industrial testing tools. True ... » read more

Improving DRAM Performance, Security, and Reliability by Understanding and Exploiting DRAM Timing Parameter Margins

Abstract: "Characterization of real DRAM devices has enabled findings in DRAM device properties, which has led to proposals that significantly improve overall system performance by reducing DRAM access latency and power consumption. In addition to improving system performance, a deeper understanding of DRAM technology via characterization can also improve device reliability and security. The... » read more