ReRAM Gains Steam

Resistive RAM appears to be gaining traction. Once considered a universal memory candidate—a replacement for DRAM, flash and SRAM—ReRAM is carving out a niche between DRAM and storage-class memory. Now the question is how large that niche ultimately becomes and whether other competing technologies rush into that space. [getkc id="94" kc_name="ReRAM"] (known alternately as RRAM), is a typ... » read more

New Low-Power Memory Technology Under Development

By Pallab Chatterjee Unity Semiconductor, which was formed in 2002 and has been in stealth mode until May of 2009, is progressing on the development of a very dense and low power non-volatile solid state memory technology. Unlike traditional semiconductor memory, which uses an active device and electron transport as the primary storage element, the Unity Semiconductor CMOx technology uses... » read more