Why Power Modeling Is So Difficult

Power modeling has been talked about for years and promoted by EDA vendors and chipmakers as an increasingly important tool for advanced designs. But unlike hardware and software modeling, which have been proven to speed time to market for multiple generations of silicon, power modeling has some unique problems that are more difficult to solve. Despite continued development in this field, po... » read more

Automating Coverage And Analysis Of Low Power Designs

There are some exciting new things in the just released IEEE1801-2015 (aka UPF 3.0), some of which have significant benefits for coverage of low power designs, which is what we’ll be looking at in this blog. One of these is improved semantics for the add power state command, introduced in IEEE1801-2009 (aka UPF 2.0). These clarifications to the add power state command allow you to clearly ... » read more

Shift In Focus For Low Power Design

The increased levels of interest we have seen over the last couple of years in system-level power modeling and energy-aware system-level design methodology, coupled with broad participation in the associated industry standard activities around system level power, gives us a clear indication that a shift in focus for low-power design is taking place. Our attempts to deliver energy-efficient high... » read more

UPF 3.0 Moves Toward Ratification

[gettech id="31044" t_name="UPF"] (Unified Power Format) 3.0 — the fourth incarnation in 10 years — is moving closer to the IEEE ballot process. Erich Marschner, verification architect at [getentity id="22017" e_name="Mentor Graphics"] and vice chair of the [gettech id="31043" comment="IEEE 1801"] working group, explained the working group is as close as possible to being on schedule for... » read more

Extending UPF For Use In System-Level Design

Energy efficiency as a design constraint continues to dominate, and now that we see greater momentum behind a shift left toward system-level design, we are naturally seeing power-aware system-level design as a key area for EDA and IP enablement, especially among mobile and IoT platform providers. In my last article I highlighted the role that IP power models play in the architecture and design ... » read more

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