Detecting Electrical Hazards Incurred By Inter-Voltage Domain Crossing In Custom SRAMs

Fast-growing markets, such as 5G, biotechnology, AI, and automotive, are driving a new wave of low-power semiconductor design requirements and, hence, more aggressive low-power management techniques are needed. Consequently, even large macros within a chip, such as SRAMs, now feature multiple voltage domains to limit power draw during light-sleep, deep-sleep, and shutdown-low-power modes. These... » read more

When Things Go Wrong Even When You’re Doing the Right Thing

By Kurt Takara and Joe Hupcey III “Isolation. Retention. Level shifters. Dynamic voltage scaling. I’m doing all the right things to reduce the power consumption of my design by adding all of this power control logic. But because of this new low power circuitry, I’m seeing fresh clock domain crossing (CDC) problems that are making my design do all the wrong things; and my trusty old low... » read more