Everything You Need to Know About Wi-Fi 7

The IEEE 802.11be standard introduces several new features for improving WLAN efficiency, capacity, and coverage. Features such as multi-link operation (MLO) and multiple resource units (multi-RUs) increase the number of configurations and test scenarios to validate a device thoroughly. In addition to physical-layer testing, test engineers must emulate signaling to verify interactions between a... » read more

Test Gets Ready For Wi-Fi 7

New test solutions are emerging to address the test challenges associated with the forthcoming Wi-Fi 7 standard. Wi-Fi 7 covers the (so far, for Wi-Fi) unused frequency range between 6 GHz and 7.125 GHz, using up to 4096-QAM modulation schemes and up to 320MHz channel bandwidth (see figure 1). Fig. 1: Wi-Fi band ranges are shown here, including the 3x increase in bandwidth enabled by a... » read more