Everything You Need to Know About Wi-Fi 7

The IEEE 802.11be standard introduces several new features for improving WLAN efficiency, capacity, and coverage. Features such as multi-link operation (MLO) and multiple resource units (multi-RUs) increase the number of configurations and test scenarios to validate a device thoroughly. In addition to physical-layer testing, test engineers must emulate signaling to verify interactions between a... » read more

How Sub-THz Will Impact the Future Of 6G

By Alejandro Escobar Calderon and Gerardo Orozco The world is more connected than ever before and, while this notion isn’t new, many of us fail to fully grasp at times the magnitude of connection growth speed. As of 2022, the world had around 13.2B IoT connections (Ericsson Mobile) with a YoY growth of 13%. Additionally, mobile network data traffic has doubled every two years since 2019. T... » read more