Wireless Security Issues Grow

The Internet, as we know it today, is still mostly an information highway. However, even as we speak, more and more once autonomous, physical objects are becoming intelligent. That includes the obvious ones, such as today’s smart communications devices, to the not so evident ones, such as pacemakers, vehicles, audio/video, and environmental sensors. There are microscopic cameras that are swal... » read more

The Wi Of CES

By Pallab Chatterjee There has already been quite a bit written about the tablets, TVs and ultrabooks that consumed most of the floor space at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas. There was an underlying technology that was brought out at the show to bind these together—wireless. As the proliferation of content consumption device continues, creating a connected network to get this media a... » read more

Why Batteries Don’t Last Long Enough

By Pallab Chatterjee While there have been great strides in process scaling for power reduction on a per-gate level for mobile devices, a large part of the power is still consumed by the power amplifier, filter and analog mux arrangement from the systems. Most of the logic systems have benefited from scaling to the sub-40nm technology range, which reduces standby and operating power by seve... » read more

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