Top 5 Trends For 2014

My daughter’s and my traditional yearly cookie baking party last weekend reminded me of two things: There is still no easy recipe for system design and verification and – of course – the year is almost over again. Ouch. Let’s look back at 2013 first. Earlier this year we held a System to Silicon Verification Summit in San Jose, with an interesting technical keynote by Brian Bailey an... » read more

Verification 2.0: From Tool To Flow

Recently, Cadence held a System-to-Silicon Verification Summit at which companies like Broadcom, Zenverge, NVIDIA, and Ambarella shared their experiences and visions for verification. In one of the keynotes, Brian Bailey shared his vision of how verification would transition from tools to flows. Brian’s presentation was quite insightful. He started with a brief status of where we are curre... » read more