The Emergence Of Inline Screening For High Volume Manufacturing

The results of KLA’s proof-of-concept studies for I-PAT using a prototype engineering system.


The semiconductor content of automobiles is growing rapidly in applications where quality is of paramount importance, and automotive manufacturers have taken the lead in driving a “Zero Defect” mentality into their supply chain. The motivation behind this paper started with engagements with semiconductor suppliers as well as automotive manufacturers, where KLA witnessed many clear examples of killer defects passing through test with the potential to enter the automotive supply chain. . . .By inserting a complementary inline inspection screen, Inline Part Average Testing (I-PAT) can help stop maverick wafers and isolate very defective die. Over the last 2 years KLA has executed proof-of-concept studies for I-PAT using a prototype engineering system. These studies have been conducted at 5 automotive semiconductor integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and foundries, including logic devices with embedded memory, analog devices, and power semi devices of both silicon and silicon carbide, spanning from 40 to 350nm design rules.

Authors: Oreste Donzella, John C. Robinson, Kara Sherman, Justin Lach, Mike von den Hoff, Barry Saville, Thomas Groos, Alex Lim, David W. Price, Jay Rathert, Chet Lenox

Proceedings Volume 11611, Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing XXXV; 1161107 (2021)
Event: SPIE Advanced Lithography, 2021, Online Only

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