The Integrated IP Subsystem: A Converging SoC Solution

Re-evaluating IP strategies and methodologies for SoCs is becoming essential as the amount of IP and the importance of that IP continue to increase.

The consumer device market is witnessing incredible market space convergence between mobile handheld, automotive, and home electronics. IP vendors, engineers, and system design engineers face a multitude of challenges when designing and developing ICs, systems, or subsystems for the next great portable device. The next cell phone for instance, will not only be a multimedia player, but also a device that plays, stores, captures, and sends data 24/7 – whenever and wherever a user wants. Such flexible functionality requires hundreds, even thousands of embedded systems and subsystems to perform invisible work when called upon. With so much responsibility resting on these subsystems, the time has come for the industry to re-evaluate various IP design strategies and methodologies.
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