The Week In Review: Aug. 23

Cadence wins voice deal; Mentor, Synopsys earnings up; quad-digit growth; security and MEMS markets boom.


By Ed Sperling
Cadence won a deal with Realtek, which licensed the Tensilica HiFi audio DSP core for voice recognition technology. Fast voice triggers have been possible for some time, but being able to combine that with low power for mobile devices isn’t easy because the devices are always on—or at least enough “on” to pick up voice commands.

Mentor Graphics turned in a record-breaking fiscal Q2. Driven by advanced nodes, and the benefits for its DFM and emulation tools, the company expects the growth to continue through fiscal Q4 and beyond. Revenue was $253.2 million, compared with $240.8 million in the same period in 2012. Net income was $24.0 million, compared with $18.2 million in 2012. The company also announced a dividend and a stock repurchase.

Synopsys posted its fiscal Q3 results. Revenue for the quarter was $482.9 million, up 8.8% from the $443.7 million reported in the same period in 2012. Net income was $52.3 million, compared with $75.7 million last year, but on non-GAAP basis, which takes into account such things as investments and acquisitions, the numbers looked much brighter. Net Income was $86.5 million, compared with $82.3 million in fiscal Q3 2012.

Arteris placed 462 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies. The company grew 1,002% in three years.

Security concerns will drive new product growth, according to IDC. The analysis firm calls this Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection—technology that does not use a signature to detect malware. Revenue for this market is expected to top $1 billion in four years.

The MEMS market is expected to explode within the next four years, as well. Semico Research expects the market to increase 70% to more than $28 billion, up from $17 billion this year.

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