The Week In Review: Design

EDA and IP revenue grows; FPGA synthesis; M&A continues; Synopsys inks multi-year FPGA deal.



Rambus acquired Inphi Corporation’s Memory Interconnect Business, along with all its assets. Rambus CEO Ron Black seeks the $90 million cash deal boosting the company’s position in the server, networking and data center market. The deal is expected to close during the third quarter of 2016.


EDA and IP revenue increased 4.5% in Q1, a significant increase given the semiconductor industry was flat last year and that EDA sales dropped 1.9% in Q4 of 2015. Total sales were $1.962 billion, up from $1.877 in Q1 of 2015, according to the ESD Alliance Market Statistics Service. Of major note, though, was Japan, which grew 12%. Japan’s semiconductor business has been in a deep slump for several years.


Synopsys inked a multi-year extension of its OEM agreement with Lattice Semiconductor, providing Lattice users access to FPGA synthesis tools optimized for the company’s programmable logic devices.

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