Blog Review: Aug. 9

Synopsys' John Swanson and Manmeet Walia note that designing for 224G Ethernet will entail some unique considerations, as design margins will be extremely tight, making it mission-critical to optimize individual analog blocks to reduce impairments. Cadence's Rick Sanborn finds that knowing how best to debug common partitioning-related issues and implicitly control them using common features ... » read more

Blog Review: Aug. 2

Siemens' Katie Tormala points to the need for die attach thermal testing to ensure efficient removal of heat dissipation from power electronics components to prevent premature failure or thermal runaway. Synopsys's Dermott Lynch notes that over 30% of semiconductor failures are attributed to electrostatic discharge, with damage ranging from leakages and shorts to junction and metallization b... » read more

Week In Review: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Test

SEMICON West returned in force this week, with a focus on AI and deep learning  in semiconductor manufacturing, security, heterogenous ICs, and the march toward a $1 trillion chip market. Lam Research President and CEO, Tim Archer, opened with the keynote presentation. Fig. 1: SEMICON West panel: AI’s influence on growth, China-U.S. trade war, and the importance of climate policy were... » read more

EDA, IP Fundamentals Shift As Market Soars

EDA tools and IP continued their double-digit growth trajectory this year, despite a downturn in consumer electronics and a continued shortage of key components that took a large bite out of the semiconductor market as a whole. A just-released report from the ESD Alliance showed a 12% increase in revenue for Q1, increasing to $3.95 billion compared with $3.53 billion in the same period in 20... » read more

Challenges Grow For Data Management And Sharing In EDA

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about more openness in EDA data, how increased complexity is affecting time to working silicon, and the impact of geopolitics, with Joseph Sawicki, executive vice president for IC EDA at Siemens Digital Industries Software; John Kibarian, president and CEO of PDF Solutions; John Lee, general manager and vice president of Ansys' Semiconductor Business U... » read more

Blog Review: June 28

In a podcast, Siemens' Spencer Acain discusses the role of AI and machine learning in IC verification and how it could help address noise by analyzing different signals from the diagnosis data to figure out the real root cause of a failure. Synopsys' Ian Land and Ron DiGiuseppe find that designers of aerospace microelectronics are applying lessons and technologies learned from the automotive... » read more

Blog Review: May 17

Synopsys' Dana Neustadter examines the key industries driving Ethernet security, challenges to securing Ethernet networks, and the MACsec protocol that guards against network data breaches by encrypting data traffic between Ethernet-connected devices. Siemens' Stephen Chavez points to the improvements gained from design reuse in PCB design but warns that inefficient processes for managing an... » read more

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Arm advanced its progress toward an initial public offering, confidentially submitting a draft registration statement on Form F-1 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The size and price range for the proposed offering have yet to be determined. Graphene IDM Paragraf acquired Cardea Bio, a maker of graphene-based biocompatible chips. Cardea has developed a biosignal processing unit... » read more

EDA Posts Q4 2022 Revenue of $3.9B

The ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community, announced today in its latest Electronic Design Market Data (EDMD) report that the Electronic System Design (ESD) industry revenue increased 11.3% from $3.47 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021 to $3.86 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022. The four-quarter moving average, which compares the most recent four quarters to the prior four, rose 12.6... » read more

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Cadence rolled out a slew of new products at this week’s CDNLive Silicon Valley, including: A new generative AI-powered tool for analog, mixed-signal, RF and photonics design; An extended collaboration with TSMC and Microsoft to advance giga-scale physical verification system in the cloud; A multi-year partnership with the San Francisco 49ers football organization, focused on sust... » read more

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