The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Silvaco acquires Invarian; Kilopass-Sidense legal aftermath; Synopsys, Mentor update tools; ARM strikes IP deal with Cadence; Arteris wins deal with Rockchip; NXP, Huawei have IIoT plans; Baikal adopts Synopsys portfolio; Intel-Cadence 14nm library; Andes in Hycon ADCs; DAC love.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Silvaco acquired Invarian, anticipating integration of Invarian’s methodology will accelerate adoption of concurrent power-voltage-thermal analysis.


A U.S. District Court judge ordered Kilopass to pay $5.5 million to Sidense for legal fees incurred in Kilopass’ patent infringement suit against Sidense. That lawsuit was  dismissed in 2012. Sidense filed a motion for legal fees, which initially was denied, but then reversed in Sidense’s favor. Kilopass said it is weighing an appeal.

An Oregon Federal District Court issued an injunction favoring Mentor Graphics in the emulation patent battle with Synopsys. Synopsys has since released a version of its emulation software without the infringing features.


Synopsys updated its tool for creating Virtualizer Development Kits, enabling the use of multi-core hosts for parallel execution of VDKs which can accelerate simulation performance by up to 5X, plus improvements in profiling and assembly.

Mentor Graphics released the latest version of the HyperLynx signal and power integrity analysis tool for high-speed PCBs. New features include power-aware IBIS model support and DDR4/LPDDR4 validation.


Cadence and ARM signed a multiyear interoperability agreement, which will provide both companies reciprocal access to relevant IP portfolios with the rights to manufacture test chips and development platforms.

Rockchip committed to continue using Arteris’ interconnect fabric IP as the communications backbone for its application processor SoCs, citing successful implementation on three previous generations.

NXP and Huawei focused on the industrial IoT with a plan to integrate NXP’s security solutions and Huawei’s information and communication technology.

Synopsys inked a deal with Russian fabless company Baikal Electronics, which will use a wide array of Synopsys IP plus tools for SoC design, analysis, and functional verification.

Intel and Cadence collaborated on a 14nm library characterization reference flow for customers of Intel Custom Foundry, developed using Cadence’s characterization and SPICE-level simulation tools.

Andes’ N8 32-bit processor core was selected by Hycon Technology for its high resolution 24-bit ADC aimed at the health care device market.


“I Love DAC” is alive and well again. ATopTech, Atrenta and Calypto teamed up to provide free exhibit passes for DAC in San Francisco, June 7-11.

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