The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Synopsys releases embedded vision processor IP; Andes and eMemory Technology partner on an MCU for the IoT; Arteris and AppliedMicro continue deal.


Synopsys unveiled a line of vision processor IP cores optimized for high-performance embedded vision applications. The processors can be used with any host processors, sport multiple cores and implement a convolutional neural network to deliver more than 1000 GOPS/W, plus a software programming environment that supports OpenVX and OpenCV libraries.

Andes Technology and eMemory Technology are partnering in the creation of a new security Micro Controller Unit (MCU) solution that they hope will find a balance between information security and product cost, targeted towards IoT applications. The secure MCUs will be based around the Andes Core S801 coupled with eMemory’s floating-gate Non-Volatile Memory technology and can be fabricated with generic CMOS processes without additional mask layers.

Arteris won a repeat deal with AppliedMicro, which will continue using Arteris’ interconnect IP for the second generation of their ARMv8 Server on a Chip products.

Greece’s Accusonus ported its reverberation and noise suppression software to Cadence‘s audio/voice DSPs, for single- or multi-microphone inputs, as well as direct and ambient noise.

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