The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Synopsys buys Australian security company; Mentor adds auto network analyzer.


Synopsys acquired Australia’s Goanna Software, a security company focused on static code analysis tools for improving code quality. Synopsys said the acquisition is part of its strategy to improve software sign-off, but the acquisition also expands Synopsys’ presence in Australia and the Asia/Pacific region. Terms of the deal were not made public. Synopsys has been steadily building up a portfolio of tools in this space, beginning with the acquisition of Coverity in 2014.

Mentor Graphics rolled out an analyzer for Analog Devices‘ Automotive Audio Bus, which allows faster validation and proof of concept for in-vehicle audio networks. The move further positions Mentor in the automotive tools business, in which it has been investing since the 2000 acquisition of Harness Software Group.

NXP received a secure product certificate for its secure MCUs from China UnionPay, which is China’s domestic bank card organization.

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