UC Berkeley: New Semiconductor Laser Delivering Power with Scalability


U.C. Berkeley scientists demonstrated a Berkeley Surface Emitting Lasers (BerkSELs), a long-sought breakthrough in scaling laser size with power. “Increasing both size and power of a single-mode laser has been a challenge in optics since the first laser was built in 1960,” said research team leader Boubacar Kanté, Chenming Hu Associate Professor at Berkeley. “Six decades later, we show that it is possible to achieve both these qualities in a laser. I consider this the most important paper my group has published to date.”

Find the technical paper here and the Berkeley news summary here. Published June 2022.

Contractor, R., Noh, W., Redjem, W. et al. Scalable single-mode surface emitting laser via open-Dirac singularities. Nature (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-022-05021-4.

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