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UI Development And Graphics Strategies For Today’s Embedded Devices: Performance Matters!

Types of performance problems, the complexity and benefits of multicore SoCs, and how to utilize metrics and analysis to fix problems.


The importance of getting your interactive graphical user interface (UI) right for the end user is absolutely critical to the success of any project. By understanding the most common occurring issues, or issues cited as the most frustrating/degrading experiences in the UI experience, and by taking a holistic view of the system across layers (OS, middleware, application) with these specific UI aspects considered, you can achieve the UI you and your customers’ desire. This white paper, the first in a series of three dedicated to UI development and strategies, will discuss the types of performance problems, the complexity and benefits of using multicore SoCs, and how best to take the performance metrics and use an advanced analysis method to help identify and fix the problems.

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