Week 38: Finishing The DAC Program

A very productive trip to Arizona.


The DAC executive committee convened last week for a two-day meeting to finalize the technical program. We call this the Wintermeeting, which by tradition is usually held at a destination chosen by the general chair. This year it was my turn and I selected a dude ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona. While the meeting serves the purpose of locking down all the final details for the conference program, it’s also a ‘thank you’ to the committee members for the hard work over the last few months—and the work yet to come to help promote DAC, write articles and blog content for the various program highlights, and then work at the event itself.

Those who read my blog know that I own a Harley, but I also ride horses. Growing up in Germany I rode English style, did dressage competitions, and worked in the stables during school breaks as a means of paying for those expensive riding lessons.

The DAC program is in great shape with most everything in place—all the keynotes, SKY talks, special sessions, panels, tutorials, workshops, collocated events and of course the technical program as you know from my TPC meeting blog. Now we are populating the matrix that Chuck introduced last week. We also have decided on some specific outreach programs that I will introduce in the weeks ahead. Looking at all the pieces coming together creates an amazing feeling of gratitude and accomplishment that can only be topped by a record attendance at DAC in June this year. So please don’t let me down. Registration will open as planned on March 26.

We did build in time at the dude ranch, Rancho des Los Caballeros, to play a little. I had planned another team building event like the one we had in Portland. This time we were supposed to do a team penning activity. Unfortunately it rained the day before and the corral was too muddy so I can’t share any photos of committee members brandishing lassos. Instead we went on a horseback ride through the desert and some of us went trap shooting, as well. I can report that everyone is okay if a bit sore (that is, nobody fell off their horse). Also, Patrick Groeneveld is the trap-shooting champion by quite a margin. He shot for the first time ever in his life, firing 25 shots and hitting the target 20 times. Way to go, Doc Groeneveld! His performance bodes well for us to continue to hit the targets we set for DAC 52.


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